Submit Your Site Map To Googlr, Yahoo, Bing..!!

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Submit Your sitemaps to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and


WordPress is leading platform for websites making, there are many plugins available for  doing  task like google sitemaps and many more free plugins for making xml and sitemap.


W have to sign into webmaster tolls Any you can click on add property and you have advance google features also.

  1. Press “Add a Site” and provide the URL
  2. On the page that opens then words by clicking, press “Add Meta Tag.”
  3. Copy the Meta tag from the box.
  4. Open a new tab in the browser and open the site you wish to verify.
  5. Press “More Actions” and click “Manage the Site” from the list.
  6. Click the General from the tabs which is located right under Site Setting tab.
  7. Then do the Meta tag copied from the instructions box should be pasted in the place right next to Verification Box.
  8. Save all the changes.
  9. Go to Webmaster Tools where the Meta tag was copied from.
  10. Please Verify Now.




  1. Log in to the Yahoo account.
  2. Search to Yahoo Site Explorer.
  3. Add your website to the Yahoo by copy and pasting site’s URL and clicking Add My Site
  4. Paste your site map URL and let the drop down , now click add feeds.
  5. Yahoo team will check and validate the sitemap and site as well..


  1. Register to Windows Live Account.
  2. Find to Bing Master Center.
  3. Add your website to Bing search engine by providing your URL with your sitemap’s URL. then press Add Site.
  4. Bing will check and validate the sitemap and the site. They will begin indexing the site whenever they determine that the sitemap is errorless.

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Currently, does not allow one to submit URL as a site for search engine<The Domain Name>/sitemapxml.aspx


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